Volunteer Opportunities with RRRNC

For more information about volunteer positions with RRRNC, please contact:
Elizabeth Akers at (925) 825-9258 or via email

FOSTERING. We are always needing help with fostering the dogs. One of the main risks that a foster home is exposed to is adopting the foster dog they take in, thereby, causing rescue to lose yet another foster home for future RRs in need. Therefore, we are on a constant search for foster homes for the dogs. Click here for more information and an application to become a foster family.

ERRANDS. Becoming a "runner" - i.e., picking up dogs, x-rays, food, or anything needed and delivering same to wherever that item or dog needs to go as there is no one free at that time.

EVENTS. Helping out at the various events throughout the year, manning the rescue table at dog shows, educational events and picnics. Click here for a schedule of upcoming events.

PAPERWORK / COMPUTER WORK. There is always tons of organizing, filing, creating files, or simple data entry to be done for rescue. We have high hopes of one day being a paperless rescue.

SHELTER WATCH / NEWSPAPER WATCH / INTERNET WATCH. Keeping an eye out for RRs advertised in the newspaper, or on the internet or those RRs in the various shelters. We would be happy to take in almost any pure bred RR and most ridged mixed breeds. We would also like to have some one keep an eye out for us for any free crates and/or dog runs.