Adoption fees are charged to cover the costs of rescuing and rehoming Rhodesian Ridgebacks.  Veterinarian fees, including health checks, spays and neuters are our primary expense of rescuing and rehousing Ridgebacks. Adoption fees often do not cover the cost of veterinarian care so we also rely on donations. Our organization functions solely on volunteers who contribute time and often their personal funds.

Our fee schedule is based upon the age and health care needs of the dogs. The adoption fee for pure bred dogs under the age of seven (7) is $500.  This fee may be adjusted at the discretion of the area coordinator, based upon age, adoptability, and probable health care costs or other extenuating factors. The adoption fee for dogs over seven (7) years old, mixed breeds or dogs with health issues will generally be $400.

Often the adoption fees obtained for the younger more desirable dogs help to subsidize the care for the older less adoptable dogs. We appreciate all donations which help to defray the cost of rescuing and rehoming Rhodesian Ridgebacks.

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