Height | (24 - 27 inches) 24-26" females, 25-27" males

Weight | (65 - 85 lbs.) suggested weight 70 lbs. females, 85 lbs. males

Colors | Light wheaten to red wheaten

Coat | Short, dense, sleek and glossy

Grooming | Minimal grooming of his short coat is required. Brush with a bristle brush and shampoo only when necessary.

Exercise | Ridgebacks need exercise, as they can be very active. They love to run! A fenced yard is necessary in urban environments as Ridgebacks have been known to scale 6' walls. The Ridgeback does not set his own boundaries; if he sees a squirrel or cat his instinct will take over. Owners must be aware of this and work to prevent potential tragedies. Ridgebacks do not typically like water. They are not natural retrievers (and will not fetch).

Life Span | 12 Years (average)